Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day

Yup, and before you say anything, I have a very good excuse for not writing last week. Uh...actually I forgot and that doesn't help my case at all, but I had my dance recital last Saturday which was AMAZING as always ;D Every year I get better. I was in 7 dances in the first show and 8 in the second. Plus I had to guide my classes through their routines behind the curtain not to mention costume changes and making sure my makeup didn't smear :p I was sooooooooooooooo tired afterwards :p Gotta love that adrenaline rush though. It can make you go for several hours with nothing to eat ;D ;) Then you feel like crap :p And I got so bruised up and I have no idea how they got on my body. One minute they're not there and the next...they are. And they're still there :p But anywho, I am at Houghton Lake right now at my grandparent's cottage with some family and friends like every year, so we're going to eat junk food, swim, have campfires, drink wine( :D ), and have a merry old time. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

P.S. - Since I'm not home, I don't have my quote book with me, so you're gonna have to go without one for a week ;) Sowwy!

Friday, May 11, 2012

I know, I know!

BLAH! Yeah :p I'm soooooooo sorry I didn't post again last week! I was gone all day on Friday and didn't have any energy to post at night when I got home from 3 hours of Frisbee. But I got through finals and it feels GREAT! :D :D :D I also went to the opera last week with friends of mine which was amazing ;D We dressed up in formals and took lots of pics ;D The opera was La Boheme, and it was a *sniff sniff* tragedy. Which was actually pretty much a comedy until the last 15 minutes ;) Then the people who manage the program fed us wonderful pizza, which we look forward to every year ;) And on Monday I started my baby-sitting job for the summer which has been going very well. So everything is going...perfectly right now :) I'm just so content! Oh, and I forgot to post these "tag" questions from one of my dear followers ;) I'll explain the rules and then I'll tag some peeps...

So.  Rules and Restrictions:
  1. It is imperative that these rules be plainly visible to all who can see and will see your blog. Therefore, post them at the top.
  2. Because random facts about people tend to captivate interest, post 11 personal and insignificant facts about yourself. 
  3. Answer your friend/acquaintance/fellow wanderer's 11 questions as well and as fully as you are able.
  4. Ask 11 more questions on hopefully philosophical orotherwise thoughtful subjects.
  5. Find 11 more  friends/acquaintances/fellow wanderers to tag--gently, please. 
  6. Go to their blogs and inform them of the happy fact that they are now Officially Tagged and Must Do Your Bidding.

1.  If you had a choice between spending a day in a mountain forest or at the seaside, which would you choose and why?
The seaside. I love the feel of the warm grainy sand beneath my feet. Along with the beautiful color of the water and bright sunshine, it's a day in paradise.
2.  How do you define true beauty?
As someone who is in love with God.
3.  What's the one thing that, without fail, will always touch your heart?
The way a man looks at a woman who he loves with his whole heart.
4.  What's the one thing that, without fail, will always make you want to scream and yell and generally have a fit?
When someone thinks a foreign language is a different one than it's suppose to be. Like my dad who asked me if 'adieu' was French or Spanish. I thought he was messing with me. But when I looked at him with a smile on my face, his was serious and he was actually looking for an answer *Rolls eyes*
5.  What is your opinion on parasols?
They'd be fun to carry around :D
6.  If an old guy in a pointy hat came to your door one fine morning and asked you to participate in an Adventure, what would you do?  Think about it, now!
Depends. I wouldn't go alone, and I would take my gun and a knife with me.
7.  Poetry: hate it or love it?  Why or why not? (I sound like a test, sheesh.)
I like it. It speaks of many things. And...I think other people who can write it are geniuses. I can't write poetry if my life depended on it :p
8.  Do you have any passages of literature memorized? Why did you choose to memorize it, if so? (Songs do not count.)
Uh... “Fourscore and seven years ago...” “...tale of Paul Revere...” “It is a truth universally acknowledged that any man who is wealthy is in need of a wife.” (Or something like that :p )
9.  What do you wish most to accomplish by blogging?
To inspire people and show them that life is meant to be fun :)
10. What do you base your like or dislike of a film on?
The way people act and the script. I don't really like hearing the f-word or watching porno scenes :p
11.  Do you believe in the cliche saying "follow your heart"?  Why or why not?
I suppose. I don't follow my heart though. I try my best to follow God's heart :)

Now my afraid ;)

    1. Have you ever been to a holy site in Europe?
    2. Do you think makeup decreases or increases beauty?
    3. Is it easier writing poetry or a book?
    4. Do you think the culture needs to be more dignified?
    5. Do you feel closer to God during the day or night and why?
    6. Is bike riding or running easier?
    7: What is your prince Charming like?
    8. Are you a night owl or early bird?
    9. Do you like jewelry or flowers from your imaginary knight? ;)
    10. Picasso: Genius or cookuu?
    11. Uh...JKF assassination. Conspiracy or not? (You don't have to answer that ;) ) 

  So the people I tag have to answer those last 11 questions on their blogs. And here are two quotes for you today:

"I wish you all the joy that you can wish." ~Shakespeare

"A beautiful thing is precious, no matter the price. Those who do not know how to see the precious things in life will never be happy." ~Beastly(the novel)

Happy trails! :)

Ugh, sorry people I forgot to tag! Okay...I'll just tag everyone. That's easiest ;) Answer the questions and put them on your blog!